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Why These New Leggings Are Always Out Of Stock

The popularity of Dona Jo’s Fitwear leggings has made it hard for the small but growing company based in Pittsburgh, PA to keep up with demand.

These leggings, which combine high quality fabric and design with playful colors and unique patterns, are capturing the attention of women around the country. One reviewer wrote about them, “I’m in love with these leggings. I’ve lost track of how many Dona Jo leggings I have…They’re incredibly soft and they are very flattering to my body. Love love love these!” As more women gravitate toward clothing that works equally well for serious workouts and daily routines, they are discovering that Dona Jo’s comfortable, durable, and performance-based leggings are perfectly suited to their lifestyle.

And that was the goal of founders Ashley Ferraro and Rapha Costa when they started Dona Jo, named for Rapha’s grandmother, in 2012. After visiting Rapha’s home country of Brazil, Ashley, was “inspired by the vibrant colors, hippie chic style and free spirited Brazilians.” She wanted to create a line of activewear that was both incredibly functional and expressive.

Relying on word of mouth and bloggers to share their product, their company has “grown exponentially,” according to Ashley in an article for Next Pittsburgh. She added, “We’re crazy busy.” The company generated a lot of interest through photos of its fun prints on its Instagram account, where they are currently approaching 45,000 followers.

It’s not only the flashy patterns and bright colors that have attracted so many to Dona Jo’s fitwear. Dona Jo’s leggings are competitively priced at $75 relative to the significantly higher cost of competitors’ products like Lululemon’s printed full-on luxtreme tights ($128) or Nike Pro Be True printed training tights ($130).

In addition to a low price, Dona Jo offers a very high quality product. Their materials and designs are tailored to provide the best feel and performance under significant stress. Running, for example, requires substantial performance features in order for the leggings to breath, stay in place, and not chafe the skin. Dona Jo uses flat seams to keep the material tight to the body and incorporates elastane, allowing the seams to stretch with the fabric. The blend of polyamide and elastane used in the main fabric panels is extremely breathable, wicks moisture away from the skin, and has UVA/UVB protection of 50+. By paying attention to these details and creating a product that responds to them, Dona Jo has built leggings that have earned the admiration of many reviewers.

One more thing that has added to the popularity of their tights: sizing. Because of these materials’ capacity to adapt to each body, Dona Jo is able to sell leggings for a wide range of traditional sizes simply using sizes 1, 2 and 3. The sizing shows they are dedicated to inspiring active, healthy, strong, and fashionable women with all different physical shapes.

Even better, Dona Jo has expanded its fitwear production beyond its base leggings to include running shorts and skirts, tank tops, shirts, sports bras, and even jackets. So even if their newest leggings patterns are out of stock, Dona Jo has plenty of colorful, quality, and reasonably priced pieces to round out any woman’s active wardrobe.

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