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Sew Sweet! The Making of Esqueleto.

Something I am super passionate about is our manufacturing process. Many of you are probably curious why Brazil? My husband 💜, Raphael, Dona Jo's co-owner is originally from Brasilia, Brazil where our facility is located. When we set out on the journey of beginning Dona Jo, we thought Brazil would be the perfect home for the manufacture. The team we employee is near and dear to my heart, and the reason Dona Jo is possible. Without their hard work, passion and attention to detail we would not be where we are today. We do own and operate our entire manufacture by traveling to Brazil 4-5 times a year and communicating via Skype everyday from the US. Currently we are here in Brazil working on our latest collection launching this fall. Comment below anything you'd like to see in our next collection! Plus, we are finishing up another run of our beloved Esqueleto print production. 

Esqueleto is our famous sugar-skull print. The word "esqueleto" translate from Portuguese to English as skeleton 💀. Believe it or not, Esqueleto was a print we were not 100% sure we were going to launch. Almost 2 years ago, we launched Esqueleto holding our breath because it was a very different style of print for us at the time. I told the team we MUST release this print, and it quickly became our most loved JoJo print of all time. It is actually the only print we re-stock season after season. 

Our Esqueleto print is available in legging, capri, skirt, short and groove bra. We have now introduced a key pocket in all bottoms for storing essentials like a key or hydration packs. To shop the Esqueleto collection click here

The video below is just a few highlights of the manufacturing process of a JoJo Legging Esqueleto. Check it out and share it with a friend! 


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  • Morgan

    I bought the Edqueleto skirt a year ago and while I LOVE the fit and style, I was disappointed it didn’t have a key pocket anywhere. Could be on the leg of the built in shorts or even in the skirt waistband. As a result, I can’t wear it to run (my reason for purchasing) but still wear it for errands when I have a purse. A pocket (or 2!) would make me buy another one for running!

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