We have fun doing what we do and want to give you a little sneak peek in to one of our photoshoots for an upcoming campaign. Who knows you might even see a product or two that hasn’t launched yet! :)

There’s no doubt images speak volumes and so do these vibrant colors seen in some of our newest prints.

I don’t think there a better way to show the love and detail we put in to our products than visually. So, a few weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon, we stopped by our photographer’s studio to get some great shots of new features we’ve introduced to our product line.

While we’re pretty serious about getting the right photos that highlight our vibrant brand there is always time to have a little fun with things.

Check out our small waistband pocket, one of newest product features. Keep a key or money close to you without having to carry extra stuff.

Our NEW environmentally conscious Eco-Soul light fabric is created more responsibly in the beginning and easier on our planet when the product is discarded, yet it has the same comfort and stretch of our original fabric you first fell in love with.

We love what we do because we appreciate you the JoJo community. You give us inspiration and take us to a little zen-like happy place. Thanks for going behind the scenes with us. Look for some amazing new things coming from Dona Jo in the future.

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