Training with Technology

It’s so important to find things that keep you focused on staying fit! This month, we asked our JoJos what piece of technology helps them stay motivated.


 Naty (@natyashba), wearing our JoJo Legging Fierce,
says, "Music keeps me focused on my fitness! I use Pandora and iTunes music!"


Meredith (@meretherunner14), wearing our JoJo Legging Airbrush, says,
"As a 10x marathoner, I never leave home without my Garmin watch! It always keeps me on pace!"


Kindal (@runningwithstrength), wearing our JoJo Legging Woodland, says, "My key technology necessities are a GPS watch (TomTom Multisport Cardio) Bluetooth Headphones (JayBird X Wireless Headphones) and Training Logs (TrainingPeaks, MyFitnessPal Apps and Believe Training Journal)"


 Sara (@sneakers_sara), wearing our Authentic Capri Vortex, says "It's amazing how technology continues to make our lives better and better! Whether it's well-designed fitness apparel or a fitness app, technology is also making our workouts better and better. One of my absolute favorite fitness tech toys is my Polar A360 watch. It is so cool to be able to easily monitor my heart rate during a workout so that I can consciously take my fitness to the next level. I also love being able to keep track of my activity levels. This little gadget helps me to workout smarter so that I can feel my best both in and out of the gym."



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