New Year, New You: How to stay healthy and happy in 2016

Start the New Year off right with good habits to keep you healthy and happy all year long! Tell us in the comments section how you are kicking this year into high gear!

Sleep tight!

We all have a lot going on and sometimes it can be hard to turn your brain off and just rest. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night is so important to make each day as productive as possible. Sleep can provide amazing benefits, both mentally and physically. Getting an adequate amount of sleep can:

  • Lower stress and improve your mood
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight
  • Improve your athletic performance and coordination
  • Increase concentration and help you better remember information

Check out this article from Greatist on 27 Ways to Sleep Better at Night.

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Eat right!

Step away from the snack food aisle and head for the fresh foods! Eating right has so many benefits other than making you feel good and look good. Eating right gives your energy, but keeps your stress levels down. Foods like oats, dried fruit, eggs and fish include tryptophan (yes, the sleepy substance in turkey – even though most studies show your food coma comes from the carb-loading we all do on Thanksgiving). Snacking on these foods can help you feel more at ease after a long day. Cooking a well-balanced meal each night can be a tough task for someone with a busy schedule – Amy, author of Fantastically Fit, has some great recipes to try out! Check her out here.

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Dehydration can have many serious effects on your body from fatigue to digestive disorders. On average, you should drink 8 8-ounce glasses of water every day. If you exercise, get sick, are pregnant or change the environment you live in, you should increase your water consumption. The average adult loses 10 cups of water every day from just breathing, sweating and eliminating waste from the body. Check out this great infographic from the Mother Nature Network on what dehydration can do to you and how you can prevent it. Fun fact: The average human body is 75% water. Drink up!

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Stay Active!

Whether it’s at the beginning, middle or end of your day, staying active is so important. The winter weather can deter a lot of us from getting outside and moving, but in the long run it will make you feel better and help you lead a better lifestyle. Starting my day off with a workout gives me more energy during the workday and also helps me sleep better at night. Check out this article from PopSugar – 20 Ways to Ensure You Workout Everyday.

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Treat Yourself!

Now that you have become the best version of yourself, it’s time for a treat! Whether it’s a treat that you eat or a little trip to the mall, it’s important to reward yourself for living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Buying new workout clothes might help you get to the gym to sport a new look, or maybe you have been eyeing up a new water bottle to help your stay hydrated. Don’t break the bank, but you’re awesome and you deserve to treat yourself! Check out some our new styles of active wear for 2016 and get the Year of You started!

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