Workouts for Cooler Temperatures

Wake up and workout with these indoor sweat sessions when the temperatures start to get colder. Plus, all the studios featured are Official Dona Jo Retailers – get fitness and fashion all in one place!

Spinning with Psycle

Inside Psycle's Studio

Spinning is a low impact workout with multiple benefits for your mental and physical health. The workout uses a stationary bike with a variety of tension levels. You are able to track your progress to stay motivated and focused on the end goal. A workout of only 45 minutes can burn a possible 500 calories depending on the intensity of the workout. Our friends at Psycle (located in Warrendale, PA) have a tons of membership plans ranging from $9 - $280  - they also offer a special discount for students in the area. Don't forget to check out their fresh selection of Dona Jo prints; find your favorite and get spinning!

Ashley, CEO of Dona Jo, spinning in Rua


Barre with The Barre Code

Paula, instructor at The Barre Code, in Esqueleto

Barre workouts have a foundation in ballet and dance. The workout regimen was created by a ballet dancer who injured herself and had to find a way to build her strength back up. Barre is made up of tiny movements called isometric movements. These movements isolate specific muscles and help increase endurance. Since they movements are small there is less risk for injury or strain. The Barre Code is a barre studio with locations all across the U.S.  – They are also an official Dona Jo retailer. Try one class or buy a whole month, there are a variety of options to choose from. Meet us at the barre! 

Weight Training with CrossFit Mt Lebanon

Cross fit is a high-intensity conditioning regimen focusing on cardio and strength training. This sweat session burns more calories in a shorter period of time. According to a recent study from the American Council on Exercise, women burn an average of 12.3 calories per minute during CrossFit workouts. Since your heart rate remains elevated during the entire workout, your endurance increases; this is great for cardiovascular conditioning. Cross Fit Mt Lebanon (located in Mt Lebanon, PA) has created a great program with a welcoming environment to anyone seeming maximal health and fitness. Check out their membership options, today! 

@jwjillie04, lifting in Lori


Don't let fitness just be a fad during bikini seasion. There are so many workouts that don't require tackling the cold temperatures of Fall and Winter. What are some of your favorite indoor workouts? Comment below! 


Posted on September 30, 2015 By Jen

I love hot yoga!

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