Prints that Pop!

At Dona Jo, our leggings are designed with our JoJos in mind. We know that you all live an active and healthy lifestyle and also love to be fashionable! We have highlighted some of our favorite prints and how you can rock them! 



As you may have read in our Favorite Festivals blog, our Gypsy leggings have a fun free-spirit festival vibe to them. Wear them as day wear with brown sandals, a deep purple tee (like our Dynamic tee), and accessorize with a fringe bag and owl pendant. 
Switch into sneakers and grab your gym bag for a workout--loving the versatility!! 


We are swooning over this post from one of our JoJos, @runningomgreen on instagram. She has paired her Morocco Leggings with a bright pop-of-orange top and flip-flops for a laid-back casual chic style. Our leggings will take you from a long run to brunch with the simple switch of sneakers to sandals!


Fusion is an energetic print that will infuse stamina and strength into your next workout! Pair it with our Black Day Glow Tank to bring out the intricate black detailing that pops against the bright blue, purple, and orange in the print. This pattern also has a crochet lace feel to it which is perfect to play up the bohemian trend this season.




Bright cobalt blue, orange, and neon yellow really bounce off the black base of this print! It looks really sleek with a black top also--try our Black Sporty Tee. The mesh details will pair perfectly with the geometric shapes in this print. Go head-to-toe JoJo in our Temple Sports Bra and Temple Running Skirt. Don't forget your Zensah compression socks for a high-performance AND fashionable run! 


Dreamcatcher II

These JoJos, @satuyoga and @hanna_elina on Instagram, show us EXACTLY how to rock your Dreamcatcher II Leggings and Genie Leggings for cute everyday wear! To achieve their look, layer a couple of knit tops with an edgy jacket--either black leather or military cargo style--and don't forget the combat style boots! This feathery print is also adorable in our JoJo Dreamcatcher II Running Skirt paired with our White Sporty Tee for a flirty yet highly functional workout ensemble. 


Rhinestone II

This brilliant graphic print is so sporty-chic! Throw on your running shoes, Pink Garmin watch, our Rhinestone II Skirt, and the Pink Day Glow Tank for a feminine yet fierce running outfit. For those chilly Spring mornings, opt for our Rhinestone II Leggings instead and throw on a black cropped sweater so the print really pops! 


We are so inspired when you share your pictures and hashtag #jojolife! How do you style your Dona Jo?? Share with us in the comments section below!

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