Considering Compression?

If you have ever participated in any type of physical activity, you have probably heard of the word “compression” in relation to active wear and performance. One company that knows compression inside and out is Zensah. There are definite benefits to compression as well as reasons to opt for a lighter fabric.

When to incorporate compression:

High Intensity Training


If you are looking to improve your performance, clothing with compression will boost blood circulation, which results in increased oxygen flow. Zensah creates a sock that has “graduated compression” meaning that the further away from the heart it hits on your body, the higher the restriction to promote a more efficient circulation.

Outdoor/Cooler Temperature Workouts

Compression fabric tends to be thicker and fits more closely to the body. This allows for thermal retention and a faster way to heat up muscles. Dona Jo creates high-performance leggings with our Eclet fabric. Not only do they provide compression, the fabric is soft to the touch, and the designs are sporty-chic and figure-flattering. Our Metro Leggings are a perfect example of this!


When to choose less compression:

Full Range of Motion

Activities that require stretching and large motions—yoga, dance, and weight lifting to name a few—are better matched with a fabric that has more give and stretch to it. The 5-way stretch of our LIGHT fabric will move with your body and allow for a greater range of motion. Try one of our JoJo leggings for your next workout. 


When temperatures heat up, or even when your body itself gets hot from physical activity, it is ideal to be wearing fabric that breathes. This keeps you cool and helps prevent dehydration. When you want the sleek and slimming silhouette of a full-length legging during hot training sessions, but don’t want to constriction that comes with it, our JoJo Leggings reign supreme!

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