Five Ways to Decrease Stress

April is National Stress Awareness month. Stress is something that affects everyone and can either be positive or negative. Positive stress keeps us going and is a natural characteristic of a healthy lifestyle.  Negative stress occurs when you experience repeated demands or challenges that go unresolved with no relaxation in between. Dona Jo is here to help with 5 ways to unwind and combat those negative stresses in our lives.

1. Go For a Run

In addition to utilizing your cardiovascular system and strengthening the heart, running also releases endorphins—the feel-good chemicals. This causes the “runner’s high” that you have probably heard of. Whether you pick a race to train for, or just like to run several days a week, running is an amazing way to clear your head and decrease stress. Throw on your favorite bright and fun printed JoJo Leggings for an added mood-boost before the run even starts!

2. Practice Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to help detox your mind and body. The breathing techniques help relax and release tension. Deeper breaths will result in increased oxygen to your cells and better circulation. This also helps your mind to more easily release negative thoughts that are hanging on. If you are new to yoga, try a basic video on YouTube or sign up for a beginners class at your local yoga studio. Improve your practice in a meditative print like Temple.

3.  Fuel Your Body Right

When you are stressed, your body releases several hormones that actually trigger an increased appetite. It goes into a sort of “defense mode” and tends to store whatever you are eating for later. Make sure you are fueling your body with lots of vegetables and fruits (that have filling fiber) because these will help combat any stress-related weight gain and provide sustained energy to allow you to get in that exercise! Smoothies are a great option to eat healthy on-the-go.

4. Listen to Music

When your favorite song comes on, it is difficult not to smile and dance. Music can put us in a great mood, depending on the song; it can also soothe stress with the right rhythm. An upbeat song can help elevate our mood, and a slow song can assist in calming our minds. Put on your Festival JoJo Leggings and matching bra for an energetic boost. 

5. Spend Time with a Pet

Dogs and cats alike are typically perfect cuddle partners. Not only that, but physically petting your pet can be therapeutic. On the couch for some rest & relaxation or out for a walk in the park, time spent with pets is something to be cherished. Stresses regarding work, home, or relationships can be vented to your pet with the guarantee that it will be heard but definitely won’t be repeated!  Your pup won’t be able to resist the soft feel of our Fusion Leggings to lounge on.

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