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Our JoJos keep the Dona Jo brand alive! We love all your feedback so much! Shop some of our favorites and they might become your's too! Don't forget to post a picture of you wearing your JoJo Leggings on social media with the hashtag #jojolife. 

  • I absolutely love these leggings and wear them all the time! Truly awesome and have made a huge difference in my confidence and running. I have received many compliments on them and always inform people who made them. I highly recommend this product :)
    -Tara A.
  • They are super cute and super amazing and SUPER COMFORTABLE even with my big booty! They aren't to tight, and they are perfect to do other tasks in besides fitness! I LOVE THESE!
    -Jessica H.

  • I love my tights... They fit great... Look so fun... And are so light that you don't feel so hot in them!
    -Anna T.
  • These are the only workout pants that I own (and I own a lot) that stay put. I don't have to always keep pulling them up and adjusting them no matter what kind of workout I'm doing
    -Delaina B.


  • I just purchased two more pairs of the leggings! I teach a variety of fitness formats, and I love the funky, comfortable feeling of these! I'm a fan!!!
    -Rebecca B.
  • The Aztec leggings are fantastic! Not only is the colorful design appealing to the eye, but the vertical designs really flatter and elongate the leg. I also own the Jungle and Esqueleto leggings, and I'm sure I'll be buying more! The lightweight fabric allows for easy movement, especially in barre class or during strength training sessions. The leggings are versatile enough where I can wear them with a black sweater and black boots. Love, love, love!
    -Robin M.


  • I own nine pairs of leggings, 3 solid & the rest patterned. I love the gypsy the most so far! Awesome pattern with same great fit & wear! Am completely crazy for donaJo's quality & craftsmanship. I wear her leggings in all workouts...tabatta, spin, hot yoga, etc...Awesome for all!!!
    -Rosalinda R.
  • LOVE! My Dona Jo Leggings...High quality fabrics with vibrant and beautiful colors...Beyond comfortable...I have neglected my other legging's since I received my Dona Jo's...Won't wear any other...Superior customer service...Thank you! :)
    -Amy M.


  • This is my first pair of Dona Jo's and it is absolute perfection. No too-tight-in-one-area-too-loose-in-another with these tights! Super comfortable and it makes my legs and bum look great!
    -Penney D.
  • I love my Dona Jo legging workout pants! They move and stretch with me through my rigorous workouts! Once you wear these you won't go back to your other leggings again
    -Andrea C

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