Tips for being Race Ready!

Planning the Perfect Outfit
When it comes to running, we all know the right outfit can make or break your run! First and foremost, the technical aspects are crucial. For a chafe-free, UV-protectant, and cool workout, our JoJo leggings are absolutely perfect. The flat seam construction eliminates bulk and our LIGHT fabric is extremely breathable and sweat-wick. On top of an amazing fit, prints are fun to run in for many reasons! And what’s better than a matching bra & legging?


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The Right Fuel
What you can get out of your body is maximized by what you put into it. It’s important to stay hydrated before and after a run, so water is essential. What you eat BEFORE should consist of easy-to-digest carbs, as well as vitamins and minerals to support a healthy function of your body and immune system. AFTER a run, always follow-up with at least a snack, if not a full meal depending on how long the run is. It should include a mix of complex carbs that keep your blood-sugar stabilized, healthy fats to restore energy, and protein to rebuild muscle. Check out this helpful guide.


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The Cross Training
The very best way to improve your running is to run more! Besides that though, there are other important steps to maintaining a healthy training regimen. Stretching is great before (dynamic) and after (static) to help support a range of motion in your muscles. A solid strength-training routine is also very helpful. Body-weight exercises like push-ups, planks, v-ups, etc. can go a long way! Yoga incorporates stretching and strength and is a great supplement to your runs.

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