Running Clothes That Work From Winter to Summer

Running Clothes That Work From Winter to Summer

The printed legging trend is really starting to pick up speed, but many women are still hesitant to try working out or running in anything other than black. Black is sleek and classic, so it will always be around (see our super chic Sportiva legging), but a printed legging is not only a fashion statement; it’s a fun experience! Here is why our amazing JoJo prints are great to run and workout in year-round!

  • Conceals Sweat
    If you are one of those women that pass the point of “glistening” while working out, then you’ve probably had the embarrassing moment where sweat shows through your workout clothes. Not in Dona Jo! The combination of our breathable LIGHT fabric and the vibrant prints completely eliminates this problem.
  • Shapes Your Curves
    Our printed fabric is so lightweight and acts like a second skin. Therefore, when you move, it moves right with you. Our patterns accentuate your curves while simultaneously slimming/concealing areas you don’t want to reveal. One of our customer reviews showcases this perfectly:

“I'm so happy with my Dona Jo Esqueletos...they make my quads and butt look incredible and they’re so comfy and light!! And slimming!!! Incredible!! – Tanya T.

  • Motivates You
    When I have a cute workout outfit laid out, I cannot wait to hop into it and start sweating!

“Every time I wear these leggings people always ask where I got them from. They look even cuter in person.” -Jennifer A.

  • Energizes You
    The prints are so vibrant, just looking at them energizes you. Once you actually put them on, it is almost electric!
  • It’s Fun!
    We offer many different prints; there is truly something for everyone! Whether you are bohemian-chic, super artsy and into graphics, or a wild animal print gal, there is a JoJo Legging for you. And with our two sizes, we fit women sizes 0-16 and a range of heights because the fabric stretches to fit with you.

“Great product! Stitching seems strong, fabric light and soft. The pattern allows me to have even more fun while staying active.” - Tammy A.


There is no better time than now to try out a printed legging. TODAY ONLY take 25% OFF with the code SOCIAL25 on four of our favorite prints: Dreamcatcher II, Esqueleto, Sierra, and Batik! Check out some of our very own JoJos in these four amazing prints:

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