Egyptian Legging Power

Emily Beers, a loved and loyal Dona Jo customer, wrote in to tell us about her love of the Egyptian JoJo Legging. We are so happy they made her feel better just in time for the holidays! Make sure you place your order by Friday, December 19 at 6PM to have your presents under the tree by Christmas (domestic orders only).

<Enter Emily>

I was at home sick with the flu when they arrived at my doorstep: My Dona Jo Egyptian Leggings.

Excited by their arrival, suddenly my headache mysteriously subsided and my appetite emerged for the first time in four days. Before I knew it, I was making myself a homemade soup with meat, potatoes and vegetables, listening to Christmas music, wearing my new, soft, not-too-thin, and not-too-thick Egyptian work-out leggings with the perfect waistband. 

The best part about this particular pair of Dona Jo leggings wasn’t their healing capabilities to
help cure my flu, their real beauty is how crazy and simple they can be at the same.

Egyptian is your typical crazy printed legging in terms of designs and shapes; it is reminiscent of the geometric motifs from ancient Egypt, but the simplicity of these pants comes in its colors; a rich nave blue and a light lime green-yellow.

The light green-yellow color is soft enough you could match it to a variety of tops ranging from blue to pink and even to red…I tried this. In my temporarily cured state and with my soup simmering on the stove, I cycled through all different styles of workout tops with these leggings and couldn’t find one that didn’t look good. Since the navy blue is so dark and bold, a black top also looked very sharp with these bottoms.

So, if you’re that JoJo who needs to match perfectly every day and scared of wearing eight color shades on the bottom in fear of a mismatched top, these are the pants for you! Happy Shopping!

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