Build Immunity: Fight Off The Fall Cold Season

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The warmer days, and most definitely chillier nights are upon us. This change in weather can, at times, shock our bodies into sickness. While I love hayrides, pumpkin everything & the holiday season approaching us, I do not love the dreaded cold. I’ve received word from many friends and family members that the cold & flu season has hit their homes. Unfortunately, getting sick is sometimes unavoidable so I’ve complied a list of my favorite tips for getting back on your feet quicker…


  1. Drink H20.This is literally my biggest tip for healthy living in general. Staying hydrated every single day of the year is so important, but especially when you’re feeling ill. Drinking water will help keep congestion at a minimum and your throat moist. One of my besties just doesn’t love water, so I always recommend hot tea with honey, clear soup broth or infused water. I love infused waters for everyday use - pinterest can be your best resource for infused water recipes.

  1. Vitamin C power-up.I take 1000 mg of vitamin C every single day. Sickness doesn’t strike me often, and I believe it’s because of this trusted supplement. It is actually proven to shorten the duration of a cold. Remember vitamin C doesn't just come from oranges, below shows some other great sources. 

  1. Boost immunity.I am absolutely no expert in nutrition. I study a lot from those who are, or I believe to be knowlegable in the field. Dr. Oz is a household name in health and wellness that we know and trust. He shared 13 foods to help build-up natural immunity. Adding some of these immunity boosters to your daily diet, can keep the cold away before it even starts.  


  1. Get steamy. The steam from a hot shower or humidifier can help loosen congestion in your chest. It can also be very refreshing to shower off the germs related to your particular illness. 


  1. Sleep tight.Sleep is essential for staying healthy. Studies show that people who get less than seven hours of sleep on average are three times more likely to get a cold than those who sleep eight hours or more. Plus sleeping more can help spur creativity, improve memory, and even help you live longer just to name a few.

I hope you loved my tips on recovering quicker from the dreaded cold. If you are truly down and out of it, consult your doctor for medical treatment.


What are some of your tips on beating the cold season? Comment below.


Posted on September 22, 2014 By Amber Crosbie

Absolutely loved this blog! I do believe this will help many people out! Great job!

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