Join The Tribe: How To Love Running

Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."
~ Oprah Winfrey

Running is one of the best types of cardio, but also one of the most difficult to love. It’s a relationship you learn to love with research and time. I was never a huge a huge runner, until recently, I was a swimmer for 13 years. But, as many athletes know cross training, with running, is essential for development. I learned over the years to truly enjoy the small things in running, like we all try to with life.

Here are some of my tips for loving running…

  1. Start slow and steady.Baby steps are the key for the beginner runner. Don’t run a 5k the first day, because you will hate running the next morning. Running for a few minutes, then walking for a few minutes is a great technique. Don’t be too ambitious and do what makes you feel comfortable.
  2. Master the correct form. Well maybe not master, but at least know the fundamentals of correct form. Do your homework and/or consult runner friends. I found a great YouTube video on, “How To Run” check it out here.
  3. Music is essential. This is the game changer, at least for me. A great playlist complied of upbeat and motivational tunes will have you fired up to run. Create your own or join our party – JoJo Vibes. We have now updated the playlist with a whole new mix of songs, enjoy!
  4. Download some cool apps. Apps are awesome! Technology can help keep you focused. One app I recently downloaded is, “Runtastic Running & Fitness” which is great for users of all fitness levels. Some key features are: map workouts in real-time, personal workout diary, and live tracking & cheering. I mean who wouldn’t love a personal cheerleader? I would!
  5. Free yourself from the treadmill.Playlist ready, sneakers laced and world off – an outdoor run can be exhilarating. A mix of different landscapes, hills, and scenery to run past can be the perfect distraction. Map out a few different neighborhood loops and go!
  6. Understand the benefits of running. It will be much easier to adopt a healthy relationship with running when you understand the benefits. Running makes you happy by releasing endorphins. You sweat out toxins harming your body. Blood pumps through your body & brain keeping you alert and focused throughout the day. And, it even helps build that “jojo booty” and leg muscles. These are just a few of the benefits – keep researching its fun learning about running!

I do absolutely love running, and I hope you learn to love running too if you don’t already do! We all have an off day, and don’t love running on a particular day. But don’t skip a sweat, any workout is a great workout. Try a spinning class or barre class to mix up your routine. Keep your mind alert and focused by fueling it with new healthy activities.

Why do you love running? Leave me a comment below.

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