JoJo Freebie & CoCoGo Fun!

Everyone loves something free…right? Dona Jo is teaming up with an amazing company, cocogo, an all natural coconut water and real fruit sports drink company. All orders placed now until Sunday midnight EST will receive a free sample hydration pack.



Why Dona Jo love

  • Hydrating coconut water (Did you not see my blog on how much I love coconut water?)
  • Freeze-dired fruit for flavor
  • The best balance of electrolytes
  • An ideal blend of sugars
  • 7 essential vitamins
  • & it comes in a single serve packet for our on-the-go JoJos


Below is a snapshot of the packaging, it's so pretty! One box contains 12 single serve packets of hydration. Check out the nutritional information & how to use below: 




I typically add 1 single serve packet to a water bottle and enjoy. Not only is cocogo great for hydrating during a vigorous run or mountain climbing, but it tastes great too. It has a light and refreshing flavor that's not too overpowering like many sports drinks. It comes in three delicious flavors: lemon lime (my personal favorite!), grape, and raspberry passion fruit. Once you try and love this awesome new concept in sport drinks, definitely check out their website for more information on how to purchase


Also, make sure you are following both @donajofitwear & @drinkcocogo on instagram! Dona Jo will be posting collaboration pictures throughout the weekend on social media.



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