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This is a very exciting week at Dona Jo. Today, we are re-stocking our beloved JoJo Leggings in Prism, Pop & AztecII. All 3 of these prints will be stocked in both our SIZE 1 & SIZE 2. Just as a reminder our SIZE 1 fits women's sizes 0-8 and our SIZE 2 fits women's sizes 10-16. I know many of you have been waiting for this moment, so have at it girls!

Buying clothing online, and well tight stretchy fitness clothing online can sometimes be confusing. That's why I thought it would be perfect to compile some, but definitely not all, of our favorite reviews/blogs written about Dona Jo. I absolutely love reading these, and I thank everyone for all your fabulous and honest reviews. These definitely help to shape our new collections and make myself & Dona Jo a better business. Keep it up JoJos! Here are some of the reviews:

“They fit perfectly, don’t create that “muffin top” look, don’t show sweat at all, are amazingly comfortable, stay in place during a spin class, and are also durable!”









@runtrimom sporting our JoJo Legging Peacock that will be re-launching in July!

“Dona Jo and I connect in a way I didn’t know was possible in a pant.”

Throw on one of Dona Jo’s two sizes and you’ll immediately notice an amazing difference in fit and feel! /


@evolvefitwear looking fabulous in JoJo Legging Prism - NOW re-stocked!

"Just as I began my search I stumbled upon Dona Jo Active Wear and their JoJo Leggings - all I have to say is that I hit the jackpot."

"I felt so cute, while sweating like a pig in the Texas Summer heat. They were light weight, but substantial."

Please share with us your reviews & blogs about Dona Jo. We love hearing from our JoJos! Also, don't forget to tag us @donajofitwear or using #donajofitwear & #jojolife so we don't miss it on social media. I hope summer is treating you well!

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  • Amber Crosbie

    I have been waiting since maybe the end of February to try dona Jo leggings out!….. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Not only are the prints everything I imagined and plus some the feeling of the leggings on is incredible! Well done Ashley!!! So far I love and enjoy the jojo community! Thank you for making incredible fitness fashion clothing, I ordered the black legging on sale it gets here Monday!

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