#Trending Colorful Running Shoes

Colorful Running Shoes is most definitely #trending! I've never been scared of color, actually I've always gravitated towards anything colorful. Experimenting with color has always been fun in both my daywear and activewear. I knew when I laid my eyes on the first colorful running shoe, I would be hooked! It was about 5 years ago, wow I'm getting old, when I fell in love with the Asics Gel Noosa Tri (I don't remember the #) and it was love at first sight. The bold colors, vibrant hues and color-blocking had me spending every dime of my minimum wage restaurant job salary. From that moment on, my collection of colorful running shoes has grown to match every JoJo outfit!
My Favorite Running Shoe...right now is the Asics Kayano 20 NYC Marathon Edition. Really any orange & purple has me smiling. These shoes have made the best memories and runs! The color-blocking is fun, bright and vibrant - they match so many of my JoJo Leggings too! Asics is really my brand of choice right now, however I have so many Nikes & New Balance in my collection. The style & comfort of Asics, however, is beyond compare. I've tried so many different brands but I always come back to my Asics.
6 Tips When Purchasing Running Shoes
  1. Shop at the smaller chain VS the big box retailer - knowledgable staff to help fit you
  2. Think about length and width - give your feet some breathing room
  3. Give them a test run - you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive
  4. Buy Extras - stock up on sale with your perfect model 
  5. Don't assume your size - get fitted!
  6. Don't believe in gimmicks - i.e. special features to prevent injury

Check out some of my favorite #ootd (outfit of the day) with my colorful running shoes!



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