How To Plan A Fun JoJo Party!

Our JoJo Grand Opening / Open House Celebration


I mean who doesn't love a good party? I'm not really the best party planner so I knew I needed my mom's help to get this party started! Everyone that attended please thank her for an amazing night :) I invited every JoJo we touched over the past year - I knew only a few JoJo's actually lived in Pittsburgh, but I definitely wanted to include everyone who helped us build Dona Jo. I was hoping for a good turn out, but honestly I was blown away by how many people showed up! The turnout was fabulous and the party was a blast. It was the day before My 25th Birthday and it truly was the best present! I am by no means a party planner, but below are some basic steps I followed to plan our big celebration.


1. Choose a Theme

  • For us it was the Dona Jo Open House Celebration. We decorated with all things JoJo - balloons, bright colors and fun pictures on the walls! 

2. Compile a guest list

  • I invite ALL the JoJos that we have personally touched in some way over the past year. I knew not everyone would come, and I always love to over-invite guests in hope for a great turnout. It was an AMAZING turnout. Thank you everyone that came for fun, shopping and more!

3. Prepare great food, drinks and fun for everyone

  • My mom truly saved me on this one she went to Costco to stock up the party with amazing appetizers, treats and drinks for everyone! Costco is great too because it will help you stay on budget while you feed the masses.

4. Create a playlist 

  • In a previous blog I shared our "JoJo Vibes" radio station that I created on Spotify. I added a bunch of new songs for the party so definitely check it out and subscribe! 

5. Have a GREAT time and enjoy the night - Check out all the amazing photos below! 





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  • Helen

    It was a great party! Great food, drinks and of course gear! :)

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