It's a FESTA on my nails!

I've always loved doing nail art. I've taken inspiration from a variety of sources, but what better nail art idea than a fun, bright Dona Jo print?! So this week, I will show you step-by-step how I created my Festa-inspired nails:

What you need:

-Nail polish colors in the print (whichever ones you have/want to use) I used a yellow/orange, bright green, deep red, pink, light pink, blue, and purple.

-Thin brush

-Nail polish remover

-Festa inspiration pic (or wear the Festa Leggings :))

-Paper towel (to clean brush between colors)


 1. Start with a clear or white base coat. Let dry.
2. Paint on the yellow/orange color over the whole nail. With designs, it is best to start with light and add dark.
3. Using the thin brush, dip into the light green color. Do 2-3 zig zag lines on the top half of your nails. Once you are done with the green, take the nail polish remover and pour a small amount into the cap. Dip the thin brush in the nail polish remover and wipe the rest off on a paper towel.
4. Once the brush is clean from green, you can use it for the deep red to add 1-2 zig zags around the green ones. There was no method to my placement, just painted them on randomly.  Once again, dip the brush in nail polish remover and wipe the rest off on the paper towel.


 5. Repeat the zig zags one more time with a pink color. Place them randomly around the other ones, but leave a small line or two of the yellow in between.
6. Using the light pink, dab spots on the bottom half of your nails. I just used the brush that was in the polish already.
7. Do the same with the light blue color. The dabs don't have to be perfect circles, just add a splash of the color. I also used the thin brush and added a zig zag of this color to the top. This isn't necessary, I just wanted to bring the two halves together.
8. Lastly, you want to add splotches of the purple to the bottom half.










9. Top it off with a clear coat, and you've got a Festa on your nails!



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  • Brandi

    Ooh, what a GREAT idea Maggie!! I want to try this with my Spring print shorts!

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