Dona Jo as Daywear

Dona Jo is an activewear company that has provided high-performance leggings for women to feel beautiful in while working out. We have received very positive feedback about how the leggings mold to your body and move with you as you run, bike, lift, stretch, dance, etc. Our prints and beautiful solid colored leggings have also been raved about for their style aspect. I personally love going to the gym and running in my Dona Jo leggings for these same reasons: they perform well, feel great, and I love how they look. Just because they are designed for fitness, does not mean they can't be worn as a fashionable building block to your outfit. This week, I wanted to style our Linda V leggings as part of a cute daywear outfit. Our Linda V style of leggings is made from the Eclet fabric which is thicker but still very breathable. We carry this style in three great colors:  Grey, Cayenne, and Orchid.
I chose to style the Orchid leggings as "orchid" has been named the "Color of the Year" on Pinterest.  (If you haven't checked out our Pinterest page recently, it has been revamped by "MOOD", so head on over!) This color really is gorgeous. If you are a black-leggings-only kind of girl, these are a perfect stylish alternative because they are still a deep color that conceal, but not as predictable as black.

I have paired it with a peach-colored cropped top that really pops against the deep purple and showcases the V-shaped waistband. If crops aren't your thing, I have layered a crochet-style lace top that adds some texture to the outfit.  To top it off, a denim jacket is a perfect spring investment piece that can be worn so many ways.

I chose a beaded feather cross-body bag to keep with the bohemian feel. The beads have a hint of orchid as well as the brown found in the boho western booties. Tuck the strap in & it can be carried as a clutch. A pale pink headband, peach triangle earrings, and rings with bows & pearls keep with the femininity of the lace.  The gold bangle bracelet complements the rustic shoes, and I wore it overtop of the jacket so it could be visible.
So, rethink the possibilities for your leggings! The great part about wearing Dona Jo during the day is that a quick switch into a sports bra, tank top, and sneakers and you're ready for the gym. What do you think of this outfit? How do you style your Dona Jo? Show us on social media - Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!


Posted on April 23, 2014 By Tammy

Soooo adorable!!

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