April Showers Splashed, Sports Bra Prices Slashed

April has been the month of rain (and a little bit of snow) for us at the Dona Jo Headquarters in Pittsburgh.  With this dreary weather, we wanted to help our JoJos brighten up their wardrobe with some of our great sports bras, so we are having a sale! ALL sports bras with be $15 now through Sunday--That's a 60% savings!!

We currently have seven styles of bras that function to fit sizes A-C cup.  The focus of our bras is more fashion than function when you look at the design of them. They feature cute cuts and fun details versus full-on support.  In honor of the sale, I want to highlight features of some of our favorite bras this week:


Dona Jo Sports Bra

Support:        Medium
Fabric(s):       Textured
Features:      Full-coverage front, thick straps, open-back
End Uses:       Yoga, spinning, weightlifting, dance, barre
Pair it With:   One of our printed leggings, I suggest Amazon or match it with our Textured Spinning Leggings


Fabric(s):       Light, Supplex, Eclet Plus
Features:      Thick straps over the shoulder, open rectangle in the back
End Uses:       Running, yoga, spinning, weightlifting, dance and barre
Pair it With:    Linda V Cayenne-colored Leggings



Support:        Light
Fabric(s):       Light, Supplex
Features:      Thin T-back to accentuate back muscles, flirty triangle-front
End Uses:       Yoga, weighlifting, dance, barre
Pair it With:   Lioness Leggings & Beige Hippie Tank for a fun animal-print combo

Support:        Light-Medium
Fabric(s):       Supplex, Oasis, Light, Eclet
Features:      Thin straps, wide front coverage
End Uses:       Everyday wear, yoga, spinning, weightlifting, dance
Pair it With:   Quattro Legging & Maria Tank



This sale has arrived just in time for Easter! Dona Jo prints are bright, fun, and perfect for stuffing that Easter basket, so don't delay! The quintessential Easter prints seen here are Spring, Splash, and Festa--but all of our prints make a great gift. :)

Happy Easter from Dona Jo!





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