The Reviews Are In...Feel Beautiful in Dona Jo

On the path to a healthy lifestyle, we often get so caught up on the numbers. We count calories, carbs, and constantly keep track of the number on the scale. We measure our waist and legs and criticize the reflection we see in the mirror. The problem with the numbers game is there is no way to factor in all of the unseen variables. One thing that is non-visible but we all experience is emotion. If we shift the focus away from the numbers and move it to the way that we feel, living a healthy lifestyle actually becomes easier and enjoyable.  There does need to be an awareness of the food we are putting into our bodies and the exercises we are doing, but we can use feeling as a feedback mechanism rather than numbers. 

After reading through Dona Jo product reviews, I have found that wearing fun and bright workout clothes that fit and flatter is an easy and important step in the journey towards feeling beautiful. It is great to create a product that functions properly, but it is a whole other feeling of satisfaction to know that women are confident and excited to wear our clothing.  Below, I've pulled pieces of reviews that prove how much of an impact Dona Jo has made thus far.


Thank you to those JoJos that have left reviews on our products. Negative reviews help us improve and positive ones let us know what is working. We hope to continue to make products that make women feel beautiful!

Last Monday, we held a contest on instagram in which we asked you JoJos why you needed a Dona Jo headband. We have picked a winner! The recipient of the headband is instagram user:  trinity_brown8! Congrats! Please email to claim your prize. :)


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