A Selection of the New Collection

We were so excited to share part of the collection with our JoJos that we couldn't wait until Thursday! Yesterday we released four leggings:  two solid-colored Linda V leggings and two new printed JoJo Leggings.  With the way production and shipment is, we will have a limited inventory at any given time but will continue to restock. We will also be launching other leggings, skirts, shorts, and more in the upcoming weeks! This week I want to highlight our new leggings and provide a sneak peek of what's to come!


The first print pictured here is called Freebird.  It is cut in our signature JoJo Legging from the LIGHT fabric. This fabric is amazingly supple, extremely breathable yet non-transparent.  This print has a very tranquil feel to it with the fluid blend of the indigo and pink, but it is still somewhat wild with the feathers. If you remember back to my post regarding Spring 2014 Trends, this legging fits right in with the last trend--Wild Wanderlust. 

This second print also relates back to the Spring Trends post because it falls right in line with the Gleaming Graphics trend. It is called Festa which in Portuguese means party!! This vibrant mix of zig-zags and spots is a unique print for Dona Jo because it has been digitally printed to create the crisp lines (vs. the other prints that are dyed.) 

The two solid colored leggings are the Linda V cut with a lower-rise v-shaped waistband.  These are made from the ECLET fabric which is heavier, softer, and has more compression than the LIGHT fabric. These leggings are perfect for those chilly spring mornings, or the days which you want to show off your shape! We have released them in this beautiful Orchid color (which is the #1 color on Pinterest for 2014) and radiant Cayenne color.


Over the next few weeks, we expect the weather to finally start to warm up!  Before you know it, it will be shorts and skirts weather. We will be restocking our JoJo Running Shorts in some of the new prints. We will be also be unveiling a new skirt design that incorporates cute pleats and a compression short underneath.  In addition, expect to see more printed leggings! We don't want to expose the leggings and shorts in full, but here is a teaser for the other new spring prints:

I think my favorite print from the new collection is one that has just been released--Freebird. Which one is your favorite??


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