Look Better While You Work Out With These Tips

running apparel for womenDid you know that wearing an old cotton shirt to the gym really isn't a good idea -- and not just because it's a questionable fashion statement? According to Oprah, cotton shirts tend to be a poor fit for exercise because they absorb sweat, but don't release it through evaporation quickly. This can lead to irritation and discomfort. More ideal are fabrics created specifically with the workout environment in mind.

Are you looking for workout or running apparel for women? Here are a few things that are hot right now.

What to Wear for Your Legs

  • Colorful running tights, or leggings, are popular right now. Far from boring, these running tights come in a variety of colors and fit the contours of your body, giving you coverage without getting in the way, or becoming too uncomfortably warm.

  • Stretched out sweatpants are a no-no. They're more likely to get caught up in machinery, especially if you're a spin class enthusiast. Slim-fitting pants and leggings will be better for your workout, and there's no reason to feel ashamed of the shape of your body.

What's in With Shirts and Bras

  • Having a great sports bra is important, and not just because you'll feel better when you see yourself in the mirror -- you'll also feel better while working out. When a sports bra is poor-quality, or when it becomes worn out, it can often rub uncomfortably against the skin, often riding up against the armpit. A good sports bra should fit fairly tightly without feeling constricting. Many companies that specialize in sportswear fashion now make sports bras that are cute, not boring.

  • Sexy workout clothes for women are always popular, but the look right now is loose and flirty, rather than the tight, push-up look of five years ago. Choosing tanks and shirts with a more free fit will make it easier for your body to keep off sweat, as well.

What styles do you think are popular right now when it comes to running apparel for women? Let us know in the comments.

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