Three Tips for Better Running Performance and Style in 2014

running clothes for womenDid you know that almost 43 million Americans have gym memberships? Runners tend to be a more exclusive group, with about nine million women, and seven million men, participating in running events like marathons and half-marathons each year. If you are interested in getting the leg up on running for spring 2014, here are three tips for better performance and a better workout.

Should runners do yoga?
Yoga is a popular practice that teaches participants how to both relax and increase their flexibility. Naturally, many runners have been wondering whether it's a good fit for them and their muscles. According to NBC Chicago, yoga can be a good routine for the majority of runners, serving as a way to cross train and exercise muscles that otherwise might get underutilized. "Time on the mat can help improve strength and flexibility in the core, quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors -- all essential to your run," they explain.

Are minimalist athletic shoes a good idea for older runners?
Minimalist athletic shoes, such as the Vibram Fivefingers, have gotten a lot of press lately as a way to keep feet closer to their natural running state. However, John Connors, podiatrist and physician for the London Olympic U.S. team, says that it's not that simple. "People say to me we weren't designed to run with trainers, but we were also not designed to run on concrete and macadam," he explains. In this way, you can become more likely to injure your Achilles tendon. For older runners or those who have knee problems, he recommends reducing strain with highly-cushioned running shoes.

What are the most in-style running clothes for women?
When it comes to running clothes for women, the latest styles are always changing, while a few classics remain strong for years to come. Different types of leggings are popular right now, with many using contouring designs to flatter, and flexible fabric that feels comfortable while cutting down on chafing. Sexy workout clothes for women are still popular, but "sexy" for 2014 is translating to a wider range of styles than before, with flirty, looser fit tanks seeing an upsurge in popularity, rather than the too-tight styles that tend to highlight sweat and lumps a little too well.

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