Fashionable Replacements for Three Workout Items

different types of leggingsAccording to The Globe and Mail, top designers are now incorporating fitness gear into their fashion, offering newer twists on an old look. "Active apparel," as it's often called, is moving away from the loose, slouchy look of previous years, into a more streamlined appearance. "Contoured printed tights, satin bomber jackets and mesh tops that could be worn out for dinner" are all popular options, says Globe.

Consumers today are looking for options that are easy to wear in the gym, but suitable for the streets as well. According to Flaunt Magazine style director Long Nguyen, "Active clothes have gotten more design-oriented, and there’s far more knowledge about fabrics than before."

Are you looking for more fashionable sportswear? Here are three items you might be working out in now, and what you should consider replacing them with.

Your Well Worn Pair of Sweatpants

There's no reason not to embrace the shape of your body and get an activewear that will help you attain fitness goals more easily. There are many different types of leggings available. Some are great at pulling moisture away from your body; others promise to compress the muscle areas that need it most. If you're still feeling self-conscious about your body, look for printed leggings and tights that distract with patterns and shapes.

Your Worn Out White Sports Bra

Having a workout bra that rubs you wrong because it's too loose, or irritates the skin under your armpit, isn't going to motivate you to get out there. Treat your body with a beautifully patterned sports bra that's molded to your shape. Sports bras now come in a few different styles, including options that have a more "bikini" look while still staying true to the support of the racer back. Look for fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable. Fitness Magazine recommends replacing bras every 3-12 months, depending on how quickly they lose their elasticity.

Your Skin Tight Tank Top

If you're looking for high fashion sportswear, the look right now is loose and flowing, not tight and constricting. "Hippie" style tanks, with breathable fabric and room to move in, are popular. Popular right now is the cut-out look, which pairs well with the fashionable sports bra. Let a bit of bra fabric peek through in the back with a see-through square or other design element.

Are you interested in exploring your options for different types of leggings and shirts for workouts? Let us know in the comments.

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