"Tote"ally Revealing!

If you have ever wondered what was in a JoJo's gym bag, then today is your lucky day! Maybe you just always forget something on your way out the door--well here is a great checklist.  This week, I'm revealing what I like to have with me when I go to workout (in no particular order):

  1.  Ipod & Earphones
The Ipod shuffle is what I use. It is perfect for storing only songs I want to workout to, and it clips onto my clothes--keeping my hands free to grab those kettlebells! Also easy pause/play button (in case someone approaches me & asks me where I got my cool leggings).

2. Burt's Bees/Chapstick
My body isn't the only thing that appreciates hydration--my lips need it too! (Especially in the winter.)

3. Hair Ties/Bobby Pins
Extra hair ties are a must in case I head to workout from a meeting and my hair is down. Bobby pins keep those fly-aways in check.

4. Dona Jo Headband
I'm OBSESSED with my DJ headbands! They are made out of unused fabric, so they wick away sweat just like my leggings (and they aren't harsh on my noggin like the elastic ones).

5. Towel
A properly hydrated Maggie will sweat!

6. Water Bottle
EVERY JoJo employee I surveyed mentioned this item! Hydration is crucial!

7. Healthy Snack
Bananas are a superfood! Great for before or after workouts--whenever hunger strikes.

8. MiO FIT
I love adding MiO Fit to my water for some added electrolytes and flavor.

9. About Time Protein
The single-serving About Time Protein packet makes it easy to rip open and add to a drink or recovery snack.

10. Hand-Sanitizer
I'm pretty good about washing my hands during and after my lift session, but I like to have hand sanitizer on me for germ-fighting back-up!

11. Lock
I'm always worried someone will steal my banana! (Mainly helps me remember which locker I put my belongings in.)

12. Hand Wraps
If the opportunity to engage in some boxing arises, I want to be prepared!

13. Trial-Size Deodorant
The perfect size to throw in my bag in case I forget to apply deodorant that morning...I mean, in case I go really hard in the gym that day!

14. Extra Sports Bra
It's always good to have an extra sports bra in case I show up in a regular bra, or need one to change into afterwards.  This Dona Jo Butterfly Print Missy Bra provides great coverage and has a cute two-strap construction in the back. I like to have a matching set, so this pairs perfectly with...

15. Extra Shorts
These Dona Jo Butterfly JoJo Running Shorts are made of the amazing sweat-wicking Light fabric.  This fabric is perfect to wear during a workout, or changing into after a sweat-sesh to feel freshened up if I have another commitment between the gym and my shower. 

So now that I shared what's in my bag, it's only right that you tell me what's in yours! I'm hoping you have some of the same items, but I'm sure you have items that differ. Comment below and let me know!


Posted on February 19, 2014 By Erica L

I always have an extra pair of tennis shoes in my bag because I have been known to forget my shoes! I have a sample size of my favorite pre workout supplements too just in case I forget to grab that or cannot stop home before my workout. Love your blog!

Posted on February 19, 2014 By Courtney Winters

I like to keep protein and an extra pair of tennis shoes with me, those seem to be the items I forget the most Oops.

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