Transitioning Outfits for the Traveling JoJo

The end of the calendar year is the busiest time for taking excursions to visit family and friends. Whether you are staying for several days or just taking a day-trip, you will want to plan out your ensemble. I am a strategically light packer because I hate lugging around extra possessions, and I love pieces that are multi-functional. Dona Jo pieces are perfect to travel with because they are comfortable, functional, and fashionable! In this post, allow me to take you through the transitioning of travel-day attire, and explain how to style our jumpsuit.

 As I pack for a trip, I always lay out the outfit that I want to wear en route first. My ideal JoJo expedition ensemble includes: the Linda V Leggings in dark grey, the Oasis Bra in the paint print, and the Cropped Canoa Shirt in magenta. I mentioned these leggings in last week’s post, and I am putting the spotlight on them again because they are great for traveling in. The ECLET PLUS® fabric is thick yet breathable which makes it wearable from Pittsburgh to Miami climates. The flat seams on Dona Jo leggings make for a smooth fit and eliminate the discomfort and bulk of over-lock stitches. The Oasis Bra is also excellent for wearing during transit because of its construction. The rectangular front fits smoothly across the bust and the thin straps are great for everyday use. The OASIS® fabric is soft and ultra-comfortable. This conventional bra is available in the coral, triangle, and paint print, as well as solid grey with pink or orange straps. I chose the paint print version of this bra because paired with the Cropped Canoa Shirt, you can show off the print a little bit by wearing it off-the-shoulder. This top is available in magenta as pictured and purple.

 When you arrive at your destination, whether it’s a family member’s house or a restaurant, you can throw on the V-Shirt in black, navy or yellow. This top provides a little more coverage but it’s still cute and comfy. It is also a good base piece that you can layer under something warmer from your own collection if need-be. The LEGERISSIMO® fabric is great for this purpose because of its breathability. No need to change your leggings; the dark grey color makes them easy to dress up!

After a long day of traveling, a quick workout will help you to loosen up your legs. Change into the Natalia Bra (pictured in the coral print) for a little more support. Put on the Nadador Tank on top which fits close to the body while still allowing room for movement. The cute scrunching detail in the back adds a flirty flair to your outfit and the lightweight fabric will show a hint of the bra’s print.  

When you are showered and prepping for bed, the JoJo Running Short and Oasis Bra are perfect for lounging in. These shorts are in the lightweight OASIS® fabric that feels as if you aren’t wearing anything. The flat seams strike again—the comfort that results from this type of finish make these shorts comfortable enough to sleep in. Pair them with the Oasis bra (as discussed earlier) in a matching print, for a charming loungewear outfit.

Another quintessential piece to pack with you is a Dona Jo jumpsuit. There are so many ways to wear this item that you could probably wear it to the gym five days in a row without anyone noticing! (I recommend washing it if you do give this a try, though!)

The most obvious way to wear this piece is simply as is. It’s great for dancing, yoga, or weightlifting.

If you are going for a spinning session or just need a place to store your iPod, add the cycle skirt to your jumpsuit.

If you aren’t as comfortable in something that’s head-to-toe skin tight, layer one of our relaxed draped shirts or the cross tank on top. You can still show off your back and legs but have a little more coverage up top.

If you want to show off the cool print of the top half, simply add a pair of track pants to your bottom half.

And finally, you can utilize the legging part and build the top of your outfit by layering a jacket on top. Now you’re ready for a run outside.

Or you can head to the gym in this look and turn heads as you reveal your Dona Jo Jumpsuit simply as is.

Check back next week for more traveling tips and on-the-go exercises to get your new year started off right. And don't forget to follow us on Pinterest for continuous JoJo inspiration!



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