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The days to make your Christmas gift purchases are winding down, but there’s still time to snag the perfect present for that fashionable and athletic woman in your life.  If you aren’t familiar with Dona Jo yet, you will be soon! If you already are, then you know that it is Brazilian-inspired apparel for the fashionably fit. JoJos—women who stylishly rock Dona Jo activewear—include a wide range of athletes, from the yoga-obsessed to the competitive bodybuilder and all those in between. 

If you’re shopping for someone that does yoga, our printed leggings are a must. I recommend the Losango Print JoJo Legging because it is made from the OASIS® fabric that provides a 5-way stretch and a comfortable lightweight feel.  This legging is a medium-rise, making it ideal for the movements done during yoga. After putting the Losango JoJo legging on, you instantly enter hippie-chic zone! I would also suggest the Lu Bra for the yogi in your life.  I particularly like the open-back design because it keeps you cool and is the perfect way to showcase strong back muscles! Even though the back is open, the Lu bra still provides strong support.  If this print isn’t quite your style—err I mean, your gift recipient’s style—then check out the many other printed leggings in our collection! You will definitely find one (or five) that you love. :) 

 There are many different types of runners out there—from the occasional joggers, to the marathon trainers, to the treadmill runners, to the sprinters—and Dona Jo has gear for them all! I am in love with the Pink Running Calf Legging pictured here in the background.  It is made from the ECLET PLUS® fabric that is thick, durable, and soft. It is a compression fabric that stays in place as your legs continually stride.  Ill-fitting leggings often slide down as I run because they don’t support the repetitive motion that comes along with the sport, but this is not an issue with Dona Jo leggings!   I also really like the Ashley Bra in the abstract print.  This bra has racer back support and comes in numerous prints in addition to the one pictured.  The LIGHT® fabric it is made from dries very fast which is great for the winter when you don’t want to be walking around in wet clothes. 





Dona Jo is not just for athletes. These Linda V Leggings in dark grey are a perfect gift for the chic woman who needs something warm and comfortable to throw on to go out to lunch or run errands in.  Leggings are a classic piece right now that you can find in any woman’s closet. Something is missing though if she doesn’t have Dona Jo leggings! These leggings here are also made from the ECLET PLUS® fabric which instantly slims by shaping to the body and eliminating the appearance of cellulite. The recovery on this fabric is beyond amazing and will guard from the harsh winter wind (if you are in an area that has to deal with cold temperatures!) Cropped tops are perfectly on trend right now, and this Cropped Canoa top in tribal print is sure to please any young fashionista. It is a simple top to throw on and add visual appeal to your outfit.  The soft feel of this fabric will make you want to wear it all day.  Pair these two Dona Jo pieces with some fuzzy socks and combat boots for that edgy look. Layer an infinity scarf on top and you have yourself an effortlessly styled (and extremely comfortable) ensemble. 



If you can't decide which piece will satisfy your gift recipient, or you've waited until the very last minute, you can never go wrong with a Dona Jo gift card. We offer gift cards ranging in value from $25-$125 that delivers a redeemable code via email. This option is great because there are no shipping fees and you receive the code in an instant!



After all the holiday shopping, you can’t forget to reward yourself with some cookies.  These peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are also a great post-workout snack.  Peanut butter contains healthy fat and protein to rebuild muscles.  You can replace 2/3 cup of dark brown sugar with ½ cup of light brown sugar if you are watching your sugar intake.  Also, the chocolate chips are optional or replaceable with raisins or walnuts (or something of the like).  If you do go with chocolate chips, I would recommend dark chocolate which contains healthy antioxidants. The great thing about this recipe is that it doesn’t use flour or butter!  Baking instructions can be found at here.




This fashionably fit holiday shopping blog was brought to you by Maggie Wissler, Creative Media Assistant for Dona Jo. For other JoJo inspiration, start following us on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/donajofitwear/ 




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